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به‌شداری كۆلیژی پزیشكی ڤێـێرنه‌ری له‌ پڕۆگرامی مه‌ولانا

posted May 10, 2016, 1:10 AM by Azad Saeed   [ updated May 10, 2016, 1:49 AM ]

له‌ڕۆژانی 18\04 بۆ 29\04\2016 هه‌ردوو مامۆستای كۆلیژمان به‌ڕێزان (پ.ی. د. سهی علی حسین و پ.ی د.علی حسین حسن) به‌شدارییه‌كی چالاكییان كرد له‌ پڕۆگرامی مه‌ولانا له‌ زانكۆی دیجله‌ له‌ شاری ئامه‌د له‌ توركیا كه‌ به‌ هاوكاری و هه‌ماهه‌نگی له‌گه‌ڵ كۆلیژی پزیشكی ڤێتێرنه‌ری زانكۆی سلێمانی ئه‌نجام درابوو.
چالاكییه‌كانی مامۆستایان به‌م شێوه‌یه‌ بوو:

1. به‌ستنی كۆڕو كۆبوونه‌وه‌ی به‌رده‌وام له‌گه‌ڵ ستافی مامۆستایان و فه‌كه‌ڵتی پزیشكی ڤێتێرنه‌ری زانكۆی دیجله‌.
2. ووتنه‌وه‌ی وانه‌ی Microbiology به‌خوێندكارانی كۆلیژه‌كه‌.
3. به‌شداریكردن له‌وانه‌ی Clinic له‌ كێڵگه‌كاندا.
4. سه‌ردانی مامۆستایان بۆ كلینكه‌ ڤێتێرنه‌رییه‌ تایبه‌ته‌كان.
له‌ كۆتاییدا بڕوانامه‌ وسوپاسی به‌شداریكردنیان له‌ پڕۆگرامه‌كه‌ درا به‌ هه‌ردوو مامۆستای به‌شداربوو.

Mevlana Exchange Program


Dr. Suha Ali Hussein an Assistant Professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine represented the academic staff of Sulaimani University in the Mevlana Staff Exchange Program of Dijle University in Turkey for this study year 2015-2016. She visited Dijle University in Diyarbakir Governorate throughout the period extended from the 17th to 30th of April 2016. During this visit, which was coordinated by Professor Dr. Ümit CİRİT, Dr. Suha had achieved the following activities:

1.    Met the dean and many of the academic staff members in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Dijle University. During these meetings, thoughts and ideas were exchanged regarding future scientific cooperation between the Faculties of Veterinary Medicine in Sulaimani and Dijle universities.

2.    Presented three lectures in the field of veterinary microbiology to the undergraduate students of the faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

3.    Presented 3 seminars entitled (Tuberculosis, Brucellosis and Immunization) to the undergraduate students and the academic staff of the faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

4.    Made a tour to the Laboratories and dairy product factory in the faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

5.    Made a tour to the different sections of the central Laboratory in Dijle University.

6.    Visited the Syndicate of Veterinarians, two private Veterinary Clinics and a private dairy cattle breeding farm.